Deluxe Caramel Cream Heat Pillow
  • Deluxe Caramel Cream Heat Pillow

    SKU: 60002

    Relax and find comfort with our soft touch Deluxe Vegan Fur Heat Pillow. Hand filled in Australia with a soothing blend of locally sourced Barley and Lavender, our luxurious heat pillow is perfect for meditation, relaxation and comfort. Made from a faux fur that is irresistible! A beautifully generous gift for a special mum, friend, grandmother or loved one or simply to treat yourself.

    Designed and Made in Australia

    Pair with our Deluxe Eye Mask or Deluxe Heat Wrap

    Directions for Use: Heat pillows can be warmed by placing the pillow on the turntable plate of a conventional microwave and heated on high for 2 mins. Once heated, gently place the pillow on body part to relax and reduce tension. To cool your heat pillow, place in the refrigerator until cooled. Remove and place on the body to provide cool relief or to reduce bruising or swelling.

    WARNING Not for use in Flatbed microwaves, these microwaves are intended for heating food and beverages only warming heat pillows in these types of microwave is dangerous and may lead to risk of injury or fire.


    Dimensions: 40 × 14 × 3 cm
    Weight: 800g