Heat Pillow Flourish Blue
  • Heat Pillow Flourish Blue

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    FLOURISH BLUE Barley & Lavender Heat Pillow

    Tonic’s beautiful Flourish designs, with our free spirited artistic aesthetic, bring a sense of joy to the original FLOURISH water colours. Hand crafted in Australia from 100% sustainable cotton & filled with locally sourced organic barley & lavender, is the perfect remedy to relieve the stress, ease tension, body aches & pain or to simply provide warmth & comfort.

    With a focus on wellness, Tonic’s heat pillows are the perfect companion for relaxing, meditation, body aches or period pain and are equally therapeutic when heated in the microwave or cooled in the refrigerator. They are also a great and safe alternative to a traditional hot water bottle.

    For wellness gifting options, add a co-ordinating eye mask to give the perfect relaxation pack.

    Directions for Use: Heat pillows can be warmed by placing the pillow on the turntable plate of a conventional microwave and heated on high for 2 mins.  Once heated, gently place the pillow on body part to relax and reduce tension. To cool your heat pillow, place in the refrigerator until cooled. Remove and place on the body to provide cool relief or to reduce bruising or swelling.
    WARNING Not for use in Flatbed microwaves, these microwaves are intended for heating food and beverages only. Warming heat pillows in these types of microwave is dangerous and may lead to risk of injury or fire.


    Dimensions: 40 × 14 × 3 cm
    Weight: 800g

    Designed and Made in Australia